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The Family Dental Clinic in Guelph

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is an important aspect of looking after your well-being. However, you need to find a good clinic with reliable dentists to care for your dental health. This is where Guelph Dentist, Dr. Urszula Barrios and her team can help.

What Services to Expect

It is not easy to find a dental clinic in Guelph that can provide for all your needs in the family. We can give you the following services:

Children’s Dental Care – If you want to check on your baby’s dental health, we have a pediatric dentist who can do that for babies as young as 18 months old. To help kids feel more comfortable in our clinic, we have prepared lots of games and books for them in the playroom.

Cosmetic Dentistry – We can help you feel confident about your looks where your gums, teeth, and bite are concerned. If you need a makeover involving the use of crowns, porcelain veneers, and bridges, our cosmetic dentist can do that, too.

Fillings – We only fill your teeth with composite resin fillings that match the color of natural teeth, while keeping tooth decay at bay.

Endodontics – We can clean your root canals and do so without a hitch.

Dental Hygiene – Dental cleaning should be done regularly. We can do it for you to prevent gingivitis, cavities, and bad breath.

Periodontics – Our Guelph dentists are more than capable in keeping your gums healthy.

Night Guards – You can sleep without damaging your teeth from all the clenching or grinding that you might do while you’re off to dreamland.

Mouth Guards – You can safely play any contact sports while protecting your teeth.

Sedation Dentistry – If you are one of those patients who are mightily scared of going to a dental office and of dental procedures, we can help you get through with the necessary procedure using sedation. We can administer two levels of sedation – mild sedation with laughing gas and moderate sedation with an oral sedative.

Emergency Dental Service – If you call us for emergency work, we will make sure to accommodate it within office hours.

Why Choose Us

If you want to find one dental clinic for your family, Guelph Dentist, Dr. Barrios and her team can help you. Our dental clinic in Guelph offers comprehensive services, from pediatric dentistry to cosmetic dentistry. Whenever there is a dental emergency, you only need to call one dental clinic and everything will be taken care of.

The dental clinic can even take care of even the most difficult patient with their sedation dentistry. If you are struggling with any dental problem, let Dr. Barrios’ clinic take care of it. Request an appointment now or call us at 519.767.6453!


Sam was excellent, she was very attentive and took her time and was understanding about my phobia of dentist offices. Sam offered suggestions on how I could improve my teeth cleaning and the positive impact these few changes could make. I was very pleased and although this is the level of service I have come to expect from Dr. Barrios and her staff I am always pleased to say I was disappointed.
Eddie Alton
Appointment was on time and out on time, friendly and professional
Gary McIntyre
Always on time and very efficient. Dental work (filling) completed efficiently and painlessly.
Carol Dauda
always great coming in! It’s like visiting family! Very informative about my teeth! Thanks!
Christie Dennie
I have continued to keep my appointments with Dr. Barrios in Guelph even though I have relocated to Burlington three years ago. I feel I am getting top-notch professional service by a friendly and efficient team every time I go.
Patti Treanor
I love that dr. Barrios’ office always starts my appointments on time and gives me an accurate estimate of how long it will take. Their cleanings are gentle and dr barrios is knowledgeable.
Dawn M
I have been going here a while now. Today I had a new hygienist, Sam. She was very thorough, friendly and answered all my questions. The paperwork was sent to my insurance while I was paying and had been received and acknowledged by them before I left the office. I was in an out in an hour. Really nice service overalll
Jeff Overton
As always a good experience with you and your friendly staff, thank you.
mike koster
Everyone in the office is always so friendly, service is always great … what more can I say!? 🙂
I commend all the staff at Dr Barrios office, I find them highly professional and friendly.