Is Dental Cosmetic Surgery Right for You?

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Is Dental Cosmetic Surgery Right for You?

Up until the last couple of decades, cosmetic dental procedures were usually reserved for the well-to-do population. They were regarded strictly as elective procedures, much like cosmetic surgeries like nose jobs and facelifts. More recently, however, the value of these procedures for real dental health and even mental health has become apparent.
If you feel that a cosmetic dental procedure is something you might be interested in, there are many offices that perform dental cosmetics in Guelph that you can reach out to for a consultation. Your smile is your introduction to the world. When that smile is flawed due to chipped, stained or missing teeth, an individual’s emotional well-being can potentially suffer because of it.

There are a number of cosmetic procedures available, but we will take a look at the most popular.


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Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures available. Over time, teeth become stained, usually due to coffee, tea or tobacco use. There are over-the-counter treatments available, but often they are not strong enough to make a noticeable improvement. Even if an individual has straight, strong teeth, if they are yellowed and stained, it detracts from their smile. Teeth bleaching brings back a person’s healthy bright smile.


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Inlays are used similarly to fillings except that instead of being molded directly inside the mouth to the tooth, they are created in a lab and applied at a separate visit with adhesive. It is used in cases where the tooth has structural damage where standard fillings would not work. They are made of a composite or porcelain material and color matched to natural teeth.


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Veneers are made of composites or porcelain and are used in applications to cover chipped or cracked teeth. The veneers are applied and bonded directly onto the existing teeth. They can also be used in situations where there is a significant tooth gap, closing the gap without any hint that they are not the person’s natural teeth.


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Bonding works like veneers, covering chips and cracks. For this application, the composite bonding material is applied and shaped and contoured. The composite must then be hardened under a high-density light. This material is also color matched to come as close to the natural tooth shade as possible.

Select an office that offers dental cosmetics in Guelph and inquire about what services they offer to find the right fit for you. An experienced dentist can discuss what applications are best for your needs, including your budget. Some treatments may not be covered by insurance.

Whether you want the procedure for oral health reasons or simply for an improved appearance an expert in dental cosmetics in Guelph can help.

Often individuals can get carried away with cosmetic surgeries in an attempt to achieve an unrealistic physical appearance. As with any elective cosmetic procedure, if you feel you or a loved one has a potential body image issue that is not being addressed, Dr. Urszula Barrios can help.