5 Tips for Eating and Chewing Comfortably after a Filling

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5 Tips for Eating and Chewing Comfortably after a Filling

We often get questions from patients on what to do and not do after getting a filling on one or more of their teeth. Given how soreness and sensitivity are common side effects of the treatment, often persisting for several hours to a day or two, care must be taken, when eating and chewing, the better to minimize discomfort or worse, dislodging the filling and having to do it all over again.

I’ve put together a brief list on some chewing and eating pointers to avoid causing trouble after getting fillings.

1. Bite Gently and Chew Carefully – Avoid biting firmly when eating, as this puts significant force on your teeth, exacerbating any soreness you may be feeling. Slow down and chew your food gently, avoiding biting all the way through initially to prevent your upper and lower teeth from making painful contact.

2. Chew with a Closed Mouth – Cold air can cause discomfort for people with sensitivity after a getting a filling. Besides being good manners, chewing with a closed mouth prevents cold air from entering your mouth as you eat.

5-Tips-for-Eating-and-Chewing-300x300 5 Tips for Eating and Chewing Comfortably after a Filling3. Avoid Chewy, Sticky Food – Some types of fillings require time before completely setting in your teeth—this is especially true for silver fillings. Sticky food can pull out a filling, so it’s best to avoid anything like gum and chocolate candy for a week or two after receiving the filling.

4. Avoid Hot and Cold Beverages – Either of these will trigger discomfort for people with sensitive teeth.

5. Stay Away from Sweets – Foods and drinks high in sugar can cause discomfort, especially for those with sensitive teeth, after getting a filling. Sugar also promotes the growth of bacteria, which can make their way around and even under a filling.

If you continue to feel pain and discomfort for two or more weeks after having a feeling, visit us so I can have a look at the situation and explore possible solutions. Oftentimes, all that’s needed is a quick and painless adjustment, like filing down a raised section of the filling, or patching up a small crack.