An Overview of Aesthetic Dentistry

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An Overview of Aesthetic Dentistry

Dentistry has indeed gone a long way from the days where its main functions were tooth extraction and filling. We have seen it evolve to dental surgery and other specialized dental care practices. Today, we further see its growth to meet the needs of people in the form aesthetic dentistry or cosmetic dentistry.

Simply said, aesthetic surgery may refer to the dental works performed on a patient with the purpose of improving or enhancing the appearance of the teeth, gum, and other oral components. As an overview, here are the different dental works designed to give you that wonderful smile and appearance.


Veneers are actually porcelain sliced very thinly and used to cover the visible surfaces of the front teeth. These are ideal in treating discolored and unsightly teeth, in closing gaps between the teeth, and in repairing cracks or chips in the teeth. Once completely bonded to the teeth, the veneer appears just like the other existing teeth.


A broken tooth or a heavily-filled one will surely appear unpleasant, aside from affecting its function. To recover that beautiful appearance and at the same time restore its strength, a dentist may put a dental crown over the affected tooth. A crown can be made of different materials and made to appear just like the other teeth. The crown is attached once the original tooth is shaped under anesthesia and made to receive the newly made dental crown.

Dental Bridges

The traditional method of filling the gap between teeth was the use of dentures in order to protect the remaining teeth and balance the way food is chewed. While this may have done the job, people found the use of dentures very uncomfortable. This has made the way for the emergence of alternatives such as dental bridges. Usually made of precious metals bonded to porcelain, bridging works are usually done by crowing the existing teeth between the gap and fitting a false tooth in between. Another option in addressing this problem is the use of adhesive bridges or the Maryland bridges where metal wings are used on both sides.0

Tooth-colored Fillings

It used to be that tooth fillings were made of amalgam which had a silvery-grey color. Due to the difference in color, people found this unattractive and some were concerned about health risks. The advances in dental material technology have made it possible to come up with tooth fillings that perfectly match the teeth. With these new materials, it does not become apparent that there even fillings done on the teeth. These fillings may also be used to cover surfaces of the teeth, much like that of veneers.

Tooth Implants

In place of dentures or dental bridges, tooth implants may also be used. However, these can be very expensive compared to the other alternatives. Insertion of implants is done surgically by placing the titanium rods into the jawbone where it is used as anchors.

Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is one way to improve the appearance of the teeth without removing a part of the tooth’s surface. While it cannot completely change the color, it can lighten the shade making it more attractive. There are several products available right now for this purposed. For best results, a dentist should do the procedure and later on may instruct the patient on how to perform the proper procedure.

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