Benefits Of Sedation Dentistry For Children

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Benefits Of Sedation Dentistry For Children

Going to the dentist is scary for many adults. It can be scarier for children. Fortunately, sedation dentistry can take the fear out of getting a dental procedure. Sedatives are designed to help people relax. Many people fall asleep while they are sedated. There are many ways that this type of treatment can benefit children.

The Procedure Will Not Be Remembered

One of the reasons children fear going to the dentist is because they have unpleasant memories from a previous dental procedure. If your child is sedated, he or she will not remember anything about the procedure. Sedation dentistry can be an option to help overcome dental phobia.

Children-Dentistry Benefits Of Sedation Dentistry For Children


Many parents are concerned about allowing their child to get sedated. These concerns are understandable, but sedation is safe. There are few side effects, and most people do not have any problems with it. Your child’s heart rate, blood pressure and breathing will be monitored throughout the procedure, and s/he will never be left alone in the chair.

The effects of the sedative usually wear off within a few hours. Most children do not experience side effects after this time.

sedation-dentistry Benefits Of Sedation Dentistry For Children

More Can Be Done During The Procedure

Sedation dentistry is ideal for children who need more than one procedure. In many cases, treatment that would normally require several visits to the dentist can be done in one or two dental visits, and in less time. This can minimize cost.

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Ideal for Special Needs Children

It can be difficult for both the dentist and a child, particularly if s/he has an emotional or behavioral disorder. These children may have trouble sitting still for the procedure. Dentists may recommend sedation dentistry services to special needs children, to make the procedure quick and pain-free.

If you are in need of children’s dentistry in Guelph, please contact Dr. Urszula Barrios. Our staff will provide caring attention and put your fears at ease.