Chronic Migraines: Pain Remedies and Treatment

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Chronic Migraines: Pain Remedies and Treatment

Contrary to what most people believe, a migraine is not your typical headache. Unlike the dull pressure of a headache, a migraine is an intense throbbing and pulsating sensation which usually occurs on one side of the head. Aside from the head pain, it can present itself with a variety of symptoms, such as:

● Sensitivity to light, sound, and smell
● Aura (visual disturbances like seeing spots, zig-zag lines, or stars)
● Temporary loss of vision
● Nausea
● Vomiting

Migraines can last from four to 72 hours. Depending on the severity, they can be debilitating and can disrupt the flow of day-to-day activities. The frequency of episodes ranges from once per year to several times per week. Those who suffer from chronic migraines have 15 or more headache days in a month. It can affect their social life, their job security, leisure activities, and sometimes even their marriage.

There is, to this day, no known cure for migraines. There are only methods to prevent and/or manage the pain.


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Medicine like nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen and naproxen or aspirin, acetaminophen, and triptans can be used to manage moderate to severe pain. However, these drugs (especially prescription dosages), can have unwanted side effects.


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While exercising during a migraine can aggravate symptoms, regular exercise can reduce both the frequency and duration of migraines.


According to a 2011 study published in, although riboflavin (vitamin B2) did not affect the intensity or duration of migraines, it can cut the frequency of attacks to about 35%. Other supplements that are believed to help prevent migraines are: magnesium, Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), and butterbur. Though these supplements are readily available, seek the advice of your doctor before taking them. These substances have certain contraindications and an overdose can do more harm than good.

Therapeutic Botox®

Therapeutic Botox® is the first and only migraine prevention method approved by the FDA and Health Canada. Studies have indicated that therapeutic Botox® can reduce the number of migraines in a sufferer by over 50%. However, this therapy can only be administered by a trained healthcare professional.

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If you want to talk to a doctor who has training and experience in using therapeutic Botox® in Guelph, contact Dr. Urszula Barrios today at (519) 767-6453 for a consultation. Her family dental clinic in Guelph offers Therapeutic Botox®.