Dental Costs and why it should not be Your Main Concern

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Dental Costs and why it should not be Your Main Concern

The importance of having regular dental check-ups cannot be underrated. Oral hygiene and regular visit to the teeth and gum expert takes top priority. Its main purpose is not only to keep and maintain strong and healthy teeth and gums but also to prevent damage thereof. Regular dental appointment is a preventive measure and should be taken seriously or else, you’ll end up having to pull out and having to replace a missing tooth or have tooth filling or both in no time. You have to take action and keep that sweet smile on your face.

A lot of people are actually aware of the importance of oral hygiene and routine dental check-ups but what is keeping people from religiously following the same? Is it the cost or the hassle?
It’s the cost more than the hassle.

A year ago, I intended to have tooth filling, porcelain veneers and dentures to replace a missing tooth. I asked how much I need to pay for the said services. Alas! I was so surprised to find out that porcelain veneers are more expensive than indirect or direct composite resin veneers. It costs around nine hundred twenty five to twenty five hundred US dollars per tooth. However, porcelain veneer is a dental procedure that is reported to last for ten to fifteen years. That is a plus point worthy to take into account. Considering the cost, the average workers would think that it is way too much but if you try to be introspective about it, you would consider porcelain veneers to be worth it. If you try to balance the cost and the benefits you would get, you will realize that after all, it is worth your every penny.

What made porcelain veneers more pricey compared to other procedures intended to replace a missing tooth or tooth filling?

Dental-Costs-and-why-it-should-not-be-Your-Main-Concern-300x206 Dental Costs and why it should not be Your Main ConcernMost dental procedures are invasive and requires unquestionable skill. With porcelain veneers, your dental provider has to administer to you a local anesthetic. The dentist had to remove a thin layer of the enamel from your teeth to attach the veneers. The dentist also had to make a mold of your teeth to custom-made it and make it fit perfectly. There might also be a need to attach a temporary veneer that is very vulnerable and fragile. You will use it until the porcelain ones aren’t ready yet. The temporary veneers also require regular checks as it easily loosens up.

Can anyone who can afford a veneer eligible to have it?

The answer is a big NO. If a person has a gum disease, it has to be treated first before you can have a veneer done. Gum problems would render every dental procedure ineffective. If the tooth lacks enamel, the veneer will not stick properly so it is not advisable. If too much of the tooth is missing, veneer may not be a good option. If a person is also suffering from bruxism, a condition wherein a person has the habit of grinding his or her teeth, porcelain veneers is not highly recommended.

Now, considering the cost of porcelain veneers, would you consider having one? Would the cost matter to you more than having clean, strong and beautiful teeth?

I think that in any given situation, we consider so many things and the cost of the service is one of them. However, if it is for your teeth, the cost should not be your main concern. You should be after the benefits of undergoing the necessary dental procedure. The amount that you have to shed must be secondary to the guaranteed oral health benefits that you get.