Dental Procedures Made Easy and Painless with STA System

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Dental Procedures Made Easy and Painless with STA System

Dentists would agree that the sight of the syringe and the needle would bring the greatest fear in a patient. This becomes worse when a patient encounters pain after being injected with anesthesia, the effects of which may last long after the procedures. Now all these may be a thing of the past with the new Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA) system.

What is the Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA) System?

The STA is an innovative computer-controlled dental injection system that allows only a single tooth to be given anesthesia without causing any numbing effect on the other teeth, lips, tongue, and cheeks. This system also operates in a way wherein anesthesia flows ahead of the needle, allowing the tissue to be numbed before being penetrated by the needle. It is also designed to calculate the ideal position where the needle should be injected. The dentist may also be able to monitor and control the pressure of the injection as well as the flow rate of the anesthesia.

How Does a Patient Benefit from STA System?

The STA offers a lot of benefits to the patient, not to mention the fact that it makes the job of the dentist a lot easier. The advantages include the following:

  • Unlike the conventional method in which the other teeth, lips, tongue, and cheeks become numbed, with the STA system, only the affected tooth becomes numb. So the patient does not get that feeling of having deformed lips and will not be talking with a slur after the procedure.
  • And still unlike the traditional way where the numbness may last long after the dental procedure, the STA system allows the patient to get back sensation even before leaving the dental clinic. This becomes possible since the dentist can now determine how much anesthesia should be given.
  • By controlling the pressure and flow of the anesthesia, pain may now be eliminated. In the conventional method, pain is actually the result of the uncontrolled flow of the anesthesia causing pressure pain.
  • The unique process wherein anesthesia flows before the needles hits any skin eliminates pain or discomfort upon insertions since the anesthetic effect allows the patient not to feel the needle.
  • The dentist is able to inject in the precise area since the STA unit makes the calculation. Trauma, damage, or pain is eliminated, which usually occurs when injecting in a difficult area.
  • Fear experienced by patients, particularly the children, upon the sight of the needle and syringe will now be a thing of the past. Dentists agree that it is this instrument that produces the fear and anxiety in many patients. This may now be eliminated since the injection system does not look threatening and in fact resembles that of an ordinary pen.

No More Fears or Anxiety

This innovation has certainly made dental care less frightening and comfortable for the patients, especially the kids who may carry any dental fears to their adulthood. Dentists on their part have shown enthusiasm with this system since they can see that patients are at ease and have considerably reduced the fears and anxiety. So for those planning to have a dental procedure, you may want to go to a dentist with the STA system.

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