Adult Diabetes Causes The Loss of Twice As Many Teeth

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Adult Diabetes Causes The Loss of Twice As Many Teeth

A recent study looked at the rates of tooth loss in patients with and without diabetes. The results of the study showed that people with diabetes were more than twice as likely to lose all of their teeth as people without diabetes.

Results of Dental Loss

Tooth loss can lead to difficulty in many facets of your life:

  • chewing well;
  • speaking clearly;
  • self-confidence;
  • social stigma;

man-teeth-loss Adult Diabetes Causes The Loss of Twice As Many Teeth

Baby boomers living both above and south of the Canadian border will continue to suffer the consequences of diabetes affecting their dental health. Appropriate dental intervention must be employed to educate Canadian millennials about how to keep from going toothless into their retirement years. Periodontal disease is a major catalyst for turning diabetic dental health into dental loss. The insidious corruption of your dental health by this gum disease is very difficult to treat and cure. Prevention is the main key for successfully avoiding tooth loss due to periodontal disease.

The results of both American and Canadian dental research explicitly showed that 28 percent of diabetics had lost all teeth, compared to only 14 percent of those patients without diabetes. This is not a Western world health alert; it is a universal problem. These statistics are largely due to long-term gum disease, tooth decay and cavities in diabetic adults.

Studies have often reported loftily that patients with low income and less education were likely to have complete tooth loss, possibly because of lack of access to dental care and information on home care. Smoking cigarettes also is a catalyst for tooth loss, which might or might not be tied to the social lack of income or education factor. However, a close look at our diabetic patients reveals they are from all social strata and educational platforms. Nonetheless, they universally suffer the dental deteriorations that are side effects suffered by diabetic adults.


CONSULTING-FOR-DIABETES-ELDERLY Adult Diabetes Causes The Loss of Twice As Many Teeth

People with diabetes were missing an average of 10 teeth, compared to 7 teeth for people without diabetes. Complete tooth loss is called edentulism, and out of every five cases in Canada and the USA, one is linked to diabetes. This emphasizes the need for healthcare professionals to thoroughly inform patients of the side effect of diabetes upon their dental health and probable dental loss.

Appropriate Hygiene and Dental Intervention

Healthy-teeth-patient-at-dentist-office Adult Diabetes Causes The Loss of Twice As Many Teeth

The treatment and examinations by expert professional dentists can successfully intervene and permit the diabetes patient to win in their goal of retaining their teeth despite having diabetes. It only requires the perseverance of the patient to receive expert dental care and stay on top of their dental needs as well as their diabetes.

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