Four Habits To Avoid To Enhance Tooth Health

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Four Habits To Avoid To Enhance Tooth Health

We all have quirks or habits that may not be the healthiest of choices. However, if we really stop to think about some of the choices that we make and how they impact the health of our teeth, there are a few habits that should really be considered dental no-no’s. In this article we will explain how these habits can damage tooth health.

1) Over whitening

Dental-Filling-procedure-1024x682 Four Habits To Avoid To Enhance Tooth Health

While we are all in search of that perfect pearly white smile, over use dental products that contain whitening ingredients doe more harm than good for our teeth. Daily use of whitening toothpaste, floss or rinse that contains peroxide can both weaken tooth enamel and aggravate the nerves of your teeth, resulting in chronic tooth sensitivity. Instead, contact our office for a consultation about concentrated in-home or in-office whitening treatments. A one-time treatment is better than over exposure in the long-term.

2) Overconsumption Of Bottled Water

Water-Bottle Four Habits To Avoid To Enhance Tooth Health

Bottled water is not treated with fluoride. Fluoride is an enamel enhancing ingredient that is found in most municipal water sources. Drinking water treated with fluoride is a simple and healthy way to fight tooth decay. And, if that wasn’t reason enough, reducing your bottled water consumption will also help the environment, and your wallet.

3) Biting Your Nails

Worried-woman-biting-her-nails Four Habits To Avoid To Enhance Tooth Health

People can develop this habit as a way to deal with stress or anxiety. In addition to damaging your fingers and hands, or developing an infection through a wound or sore, this habit also affects your teeth. Biting down on your nails (or other foreign objects) can potentially fracture your teeth. Even without exerting a lot of force, constant grinding can shift the teeth and/or damage tooth enamel over time.

4) Using Your Teeth Like an Extra Pair of Hands

woman-trying-to-open-a-bottle-of-drink-using-teeth Four Habits To Avoid To Enhance Tooth Health

Despite their ability to chew through food day in and day out, teeth aren’t designed to do the job of scissors, other tools, or your bare hands. Ripping open packaging, cutting tape, or even carrying a foreign object around with your teeth is a recipe for chips, cracks, broken dental work, and, in the extreme case of an accident, tooth loss.

If you are concerned that you practice these less than ideal habits, or have a question about how any of your habits affect your dental health, our office is here to help. Contact us today with any questions or concerns that you may have.