Four Things to Remember in Taking Care of Your Child’s Teeth

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Four Things to Remember in Taking Care of Your Child’s Teeth

It may come as a surprise to a lot of people that tooth decay is the most common worldwide disease affecting children. Around 60 to 90 percent of children from industrialized countries may experience this condition. In Canada alone, it is estimated that 2.26 million school days are missed due to dental health issues.

These dental issues may have a huge impact, affecting almost all aspects of the child’s life, not to mention the expenses that may be involved in addressing these problems. Too insure that the child’s teeth stay healthy, here are some things that parents must remember:

Make sure regular brushing of teeth is observed

Left on their own, children would rather have nothing to do with brushing their teeth. If they are not reminded, it would be all right for them to entirely forget brushing their teeth. It is therefore very important for the parents to train their children to brush their teeth at least twice a day. For the really young children, the parents may have to assist by doing the brushing themselves initially in order to do it properly. Once they get older, the parents may then teach them how to do it properly on their own.

Manage the children’s eating habits

What a child eats or drinks is very vital in the dental care of your children. Foods that contain sugar and starches are harmful to the kid’s teeth since the bacteria present in the mouth uses these substances to produce acids. These acids are responsible for the erosion of a tooth’s enamel leading to the formation of cavities. Parents should always keep an eye on what the children eat and how often they eat.

As much as possible, foods containing high sugar content, such as candies and cookies, should be avoided and reserved for special occasions. It would also be a good idea to limit the frequency of their eating, particularly snacks. By doing this, acid amazingly several larger caveman-y ONLY.

attacks on the teeth may be controlled. They should not be allowed to take anything sweet once they have completed their bedtime brushing. While asleep, saliva decreases which means there is not much protection against acid attacks on the children’s teeth.

Refer to your dentist about fluorides and sealants

Fluorides and sealants are two options that can be used to protect the child’s teeth. Fluorides may help in preventing tooth decay and may even stop or reverse tooth decays being experienced by children. The use of sealants is another option which can contribute to the prevention of tooth decay. You may want to talk to a dentist to learn more about these options and get recommendations on how to use these for the children’s benefit.

Visit the dentist for regular check-ups

A regular schedule must be maintained in visiting the dentist for check-up. This is the best way of checking for any tooth decays or problems involving the child’s teeth. Immediate action may be taken once any decay is found after check up. This visit may also be used in removing dental plaques and in applying of fluorides or any substances designed to prevent tooth decays. Do not wait until a child gets a toothache before visiting the dentist.

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