Enjoy Holiday Time and Treats with Dentures

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Enjoy Holiday Time and Treats with Dentures

Why Dentures?

Are you considering dentures as an option for your oral health and improving your smile? Maybe you’ve avoided this choice because you think it will “age” you. On the contrary, a good set of dentures will restore your smile, keep your face from sagging, and allow you to enjoy some of the holiday treats from your youth. Modern dentistry has provided additional benefits to dentures:

● Improved fit
● Added comfort
● Design options
● Easy to maintain dentures

New denture wearers have improved oral health, the ability to speak more clearly, increased enjoyment of food, and a younger appearance. Quality denture sets are available at a variety of prices, often mostly paid for by medical insurance. If you’ve been putting off having this type of dental work done, it might be time to get dentures.

Visit Your Dentist

Fix-Your-Smile-With-Denture-Services Enjoy Holiday Time and Treats with Dentures

While denture wearing is completely your choice, your first course of action is scheduling a consultation with a caring dentist. Dentures are usually chosen when most teeth are already gone or are in imminent need of removal. A professional can best assess whether dentures or other implant options are appropriate. Depending upon how many healthy teeth are left in your mouth, you may have additional choices about your oral health.

Immediate and Permanent Dentures

dentures-guelph-dentist Enjoy Holiday Time and Treats with Dentures

“Immediate” dentures can be worn while your mouth heals from tooth extraction and can be installed right away. They need to be readjusted a couple of times for a better fit while the mouth heals. These dentures are made from wax casts, and it’s important during fittings to really try out your smile. You’ll also want to chew and move your jaws around to insure a proper fit. Once your permanent dentures arrive, you’ll be asked to wear them for a trial period, then return to the dentist for examination and any necessary adjustments. Permanent dentures will fit and function better than temporary ones. The entire process generally takes about two months.

Enjoy your holiday season with a big smile and comfortable chewing! For professional denture services in Guelph, see Dr. Urszula Barrios. Our qualified, experienced staff will start you back on the road to a healthy, pain-free mouth. Please call (519) 767-6453 today to get your grin going again in the new year.