Is Oil Swishing Good for Your Teeth?

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Is Oil Swishing Good for Your Teeth?

It has been reported that oil swishing or oil pulling has become popular as a method in taking care of the teeth. It has been claimed by some that this practice prevents tooth decay, whitens the teeth, treats gum diseases, and may sweeten one’s breath. For sure, many are eager to know if this practice is really effective or just some fad or craze. According to online reports, the verdict on this matter has not been out.

In one news article, a user reportedly said that her mouth seemed clean and her teeth appeared whiter after only swishing for just once. Now she intends to order more and include oil-swishing in her morning daily routine.

Position of Dental Organizations

While the practice of oil pulling has become increasing popular, dental organizations have not released their positions. According to the spokesperson of the American Dental Association, additional research is still needed. It has been noted that no research on this practice has been initiated by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research.

Insights of Dental Experts

While waiting for the official stand on this issue, dental practitioners have offered their opinions on this matter. A number of dentists has expressed that anything done for the mouth would always be better than failing to give attention. One dentist agrees with this but added that there are probably other things that can be done for the caring of the teeth.

One dental expert was skeptical about the claim of whitening the teeth, explaining that he does not believe that oil possesses an intrinsic effect other than plaque removal. He also mentioned that there have been no scientific studies to back up this claim. He added that anything that is rinsed for 20 minutes, such as water, may produce some effect.

Final Word on Oil Swishing

For those who really care for their teeth, hearing the verdict on oil swishing may definitely be very welcome. With the different opinions given by dental experts, it might be wise to talk to your dentist if it may be a good idea to do oil pulling. In any case, your dentist may able to recommend other way in whitening the teeth or removing of plaque.

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