Keeping Periodontal Disease Away

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Keeping Periodontal Disease Away

We’ve all heard about the importance of keeping our teeth clean. Through the years parents have been asking their children nightly if they brushed their teeth. Our teeth are here for a reason as we all know they chew all the wonderful food we get to eat. From steak to French fries our teeth do a lot of work and keeping them in good shape is good for our overall health too. Periodontal disease can affect our gums, our bone structure that holds our teeth in, your appearance, and with new information every day, our overall health.


Brushing your teeth with a soft brush twice a day is a good way to clean the plaque off of your teeth and stimulate your gums. Going in slow round circles helps to dislodge any food that gets stuck between your teeth. Take it slow, turn the water off and really make sure you hit your whole mouth back and front. For the food that won’t come out of those tight spaces dental floss is the answer. Your dentist or hygienist can teach you the easiest way to hold the floss and how to get the floss to clean around the whole tooth and beneath the gum line. This is such an important step as food that sits there can start to cause permanent damage to your once healthy tooth and can also cause infection and inflame your gums.


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As anyone who has ever been on the other side of a conversation where the smell of someone’s breath has been offensive, the importance of mouthwash is understood. However what a lot people don’t realize is that missing some food in your mouth or teeth that are rotting in your mouth can also be the cause for bad breath. But be kind, because there are some stomach issues that can cause bad breath. For yourself rinsing with mouthwash is a good way to freshen up, remove plaque and remove any remaining items stuck in your teeth.


endodontics Keeping Periodontal Disease Away

What needs to be understood greatly is the importance of our diets and what we put into our mouths. Smoking, bad cleaning habits, genetics, and age are all factors that can affect our periodontal health. That’s why it’s so important to see your dentist. Dr. Urszula Barrios is a believer that if you have any questions regarding the health of your gums you should get an appointment as soon as possible to get your mouth healthy. You can contact us at (519) 767-6453 for more information.