Learning the Causes of a Toothache

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Learning the Causes of a Toothache

Each of us may have experienced a toothache at some point in our lives and for sure that episode was something that can hardly be forgotten. A toothache can be very painful and distressing, and can affect much of what we do in our daily lives until the problem is dealt with.

We have been taught that the main cause of a toothache is a dental decay or cavity. This cavity brings out the pain when it gets larger and deeper into the structure of the tooth. The deeper the cavity, the more damage it may bring to the tooth and therefore more pain and bother.

While dental cavity may account for the most number of toothaches, the pain and distress felt in the teeth may also be due to the following reasons:

Damaged Tooth

When a tooth is damaged, as in a tooth fracture, the dentin or the pulp may be exposed. These sensitive parts of the tooth may cause great pain when triggered by actions such as biting or even contact with the affected tooth. This condition has been called the “cracked tooth syndrome”.

Abscessed Tooth

One common reason for toothaches would be an abscessed tooth, an infection that starts within the tooth and may have spread to the roots and nearby parts. Found within the tooth is the pulp chamber which contains blood vessels and nerves. These are very sensitive and may cause great pain when infected by bacteria which affects the other parts. Pus, which is made up of dead white blood cells, bacteria, and tissue debris, are usually found within the abscessed tooth.

Gum Disease

During the advance stages of a gum disease, pain may be very common due to the gum abscess or the infection. This occurs due to the loss of bone that is found near the teeth. This gum disease can easily indicated by a gap between the tooth and its surrounding gums.

Dental Work

There are also cases in which a toothache may be due to a recent dental work. This is especially true for those large fillings or when a crown is attached, mainly because of an irritated nerve. This pain may resolve after a while when the tooth regains its health.

Teeth Grinding

Bruxism, which is the unconscious grinding or clenching of teeth, can also be a cause of tooth ache. This is due to the damage caused on the teeth by the prolonged pressure exerted during grinding and clenching. This gets to the point that the nerves are irritated which in turn may make the teeth very sensitive.

Other Causes

Toothaches may also be caused by conditions such sinusitis, exposed root surfaces, and a third molar that may have been trapped. In addition, some medical conditions may also trigger a toothache. A visit to the dentist on a regular basis will allow early detection of any possible problems, therefore preventing from causing bigger problems. Practicing good oral hygiene may also go a long way in preventing toothaches.