Learning the Causes of Sensitive Teeth

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Learning the Causes of Sensitive Teeth

Having sensitive teeth is a fairly common complaint, estimated to affect over a third of adult men and women. The pain it may cause can be very distressing and it may have a huge impact on a person’s eating habits. It would be a good idea to have it checked by a dentist immediately in order to get much needed relief.

Taking preventive steps could be very beneficial in ensuring that your teeth do not become too sensitive. Learning some of the causes of sensitive teeth may help you in achieving this.

Acidic Foods

Due to its high acidic content, some foods and drinks can harm our teeth by eroding the protective enamel. This may result to

the exposure of the dentin underneath, making our teeth very sensitive. Since it may be very difficult to avoid acidic foods, it may be advisable to have it neutralized by taking a glass of milk or a bite of cheese after consuming acidic foods.

Certain Toothpastes and Whiteners

In some cases, the cause of sensitive teeth may be tooth whiteners and toothpastes. There are those who do not agree well with its substances particularly if it is based on peroxide bleaching solutions. In previous reported cases, the sensitivity of the teeth was arrested once usage of the product was stopped. Suggestions for the right products from your dentist will be best in this regard.

Teeth Grinding and Clenching

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Even if tooth enamel may be considered a very strong material, it still may not withstand the force generated by the clenching or grinding of the teeth. Continuous grinding and clenching, which may become a habit, will leave nerves very sensitive. Medical experts agree that this habit may be largely due to psychological causes, so addressing these issues accordingly would be the best remedy. Using mouth guards and making lifestyle changes may also be very helpful.

Excessive Mouthwash

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Some of us can’t do without mouthwashes. This may only be understandable if we want to have fresh breath always. However, too much of this can be bad for our teeth. A number of mouthwashes contain ingredients that may trigger or worsen sensitive teeth. To be sure, you may want to ask your dentist for the appropriate mouthwash to use.

Brushing Too Hard

It is wrong to assume that brushing harder may be the best for your teeth. Brushing using normal pressure would achieve the same result and you do not risk damaging your teeth. Too much force may only expose the roots of your teeth hastening recession of the gums and eroding tooth enamel. Once these occur, the teeth become very sensitive to foods and drinks.

Other possible causes of sensitive include receding gums, cracked teeth, tooth decay, and even newly-done dental works. If you find your teeth very sensitive, it might be good to address the causes or better still, seek the guidance of your dentist.