Making Dental Hygiene Fun for Kids

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Making Dental Hygiene Fun for Kids

Kids will always be kids. Rules and whatnot can be boring to them, especially when it’s about taking good care of their health and being clean. Dental hygiene might sound boring and overwhelming to them, as well.

However, making dental hygiene fun is the key in helping them develop great dental habits. This can inculcate the importance of dental health without making them yawn.

Here are some tips to follow in injecting fun to dental health:

A-Guide-on-Oral-Health-for-Children-e1436976593350 Making Dental Hygiene Fun for Kids· Make brushing a game. Kids love to play games. So, tap their inner gamer and make brushing a game. Get a timer and ask every member of your family to participate. If your child reaches two minutes of brushing without getting tired, then he/she wins the game.

· Let them choose their dental hygiene supplies. Shopping for dental supplies can be fun. Let your child choose his/her own supplies. Some kids like flavored toothpaste while others prefer those with their favorite cartoon character printed. Letting them choose their own products will encourage them in keeping their teeth white and strong.

· Change their toothbrushes with their favorite color or character. When the time comes that they need to change their brushes, ensure that you pick out the fun ones that your child likes. It might be his favorite superhero or her favorite color. As long as your kid likes the toothbrush, then go for it. This will make your child enjoy brushing even more.

· Be a role model by brushing with them. It is true that kids learn by example. If you want them to have good dental habits, then you have to embody these habits. Lead by example and brush with them daily. This is an easy teaching tactic and you can correct your child as you brush along.

· Make dentist visits a positive experience. Many kids fear dentist visits. Instead of nurturing this fear, guide them and help them enjoy these visits. Give them a treat, if they have been good with the dentist. Ensure that you also have a fun dentist who specializes with kids. The right dentist will make the experience easier for your kids as they grow older.