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Proper Denture Care

Great dentures provide a number of benefits, are attractive, and relatively easy to use. A set of dentures can help us eat comfortably, maintain our bone structure, and restore a winning smile. When we properly maintain our dentures, we can continue to enjoy all their benefits and help them last a long time.

Here are some tips on how to properly care for dentures:

      Brush dentures regularly. Like regular teeth, dentures need daily brushing to get rid of food debris and other particles. Instead of cleaning with toothpaste (which can be abrasive), use denture cleansers applied with a soft-bristled toothbrush to avoid scratches.
      Rinse dentures after eating. After every meal, remove dentures and carefully place them under gentle, running water to wash away food particles.
      Handle dentures with care. Be careful not to bend the plastic or clasps while cleaning. To avoid accidentally dropping dentures, remove, rinse, and clean them over a folded towel to prevent breakage.
      Soak dentures overnight. Prevent dentures from drying out or losing their shape by placing them in a glass of water or denture-soaking solution. Hot water can cause dentures to warp, so use tepid or room-temperature liquid.
      Rinse dentures before wearing them. Rinsing dentures before placing them in your mouth (especially after using denture solution) prevents chemicals from entering your mouth and causing irritation and/or burns.
      Visit the dentist regularly for adjustments. Loose dentures can cause sores in the gums and mouth. Remember to make regular appointments with your dentist so they can check the fit and state of your dentures.

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Properly maintaining and caring for dentures helps keep them safe and stable for a long time so we can continue to enjoy them for years. In Guelph Ontario, Dr. Urszula Barrios and our team of qualified professionals provide dentures, periodontics, and other dental services. Brighten your smile and discuss the benefits of dentures by calling us at (519) 767-6453 to schedule an appointment.