Simple Ways You Can Reduce Teeth Stains

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Simple Ways You Can Reduce Teeth Stains

There is a lot of information available online about what foods stain your teeth. These resources also talk about how you should avoid consuming these products if you want to keep your teeth as white and bright as possible.

Here at Urszula Barrios D.D.S we believe that rather than avoiding foods there are simple tips and tricks that our clients can use instead to decrease the risk of food staining their teeth.

A Gentle Reminder About Common Foods That Stain

woman-trying-to-open-a-bottle-of-drink-using-teeth Simple Ways You Can Reduce Teeth Stains

While red wine, coffee, tea and orange juice are all on the list of foods that commonly stain your teeth, we also wanted to remind our readers that other foods have the power to stain teeth as well. Examples of common foods that stain teeth are:

  • Frozen Treats like popsicles
  • Sports Drinks and Soda Pop
  • Spices such as turmeric and saffron
  • Concentrated “dark” sauces and condiments, for example balsamic vinegar or soy sauce

As a client you may be reading this and thinking: “wow, what else is there left to eat”? However, don’t dismay, you can enjoy all your food (in moderation, of course) if you follow these simple tips.

Simple Tips To Reduce Teeth Stains

Dental-Plaque-and-When-Should-You-Be-Concerned Simple Ways You Can Reduce Teeth Stains

1) Drink Through a Straw
If you use a straw when drinking sports drinks, soda pop and juice, you will reduce the amount of liquid that comes in direct contact with your teeth.
2) Drink Water At Mealtimes
Consider drinking water with your meal. Even if you have another drink choice at mealtime, incorporating a glass of water during or after your meal will help to wash away food particles.
3) Brush and Floss More Often
If you are concerned about the food you eat and if it will stain your teeth, then consider brushing and flossing after heavier meals to help prevent stains from setting in. There are a lot of great compact toothbrush and toothpaste sets on the market today that can fit in almost any bag. So in theory, you are never too far away from the bathroom to brush your teeth.

Professional Tooth Whitening

Signs-Youre-Approaching-Teeth-Whitening-the-Wrong-Way-1024x697 Simple Ways You Can Reduce Teeth Stains

At Urszula Barrios D.D.S we offer professional tooth whitening products for our clients. You can choose from in-home or in-office treatments. For July we do have an in-office tooth whitening promotion, click here for details.

In addition to professional tooth whitening, regular dental checkups and cleanings help prevent staining and decay. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.