Right underneath your nose and you don’t even know it

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Right underneath your nose and you don’t even know it

What is bad breath. Yeah you think you know what bad breath is because you’ve had those mornings where you yourself cant stand the odor radiating right underneath your nose but what is it really. What causes it and if possible how can i stop it. Good news is, its truly simple to rid yourself of it.

The scientific name for bad breath is halitosis, and as an odor that originates from the back of the mouth it can be strong or barely noticeable. It can be a time to time occurrence or long lasting depending on each persons’ circumstances.

What are the causes of Bad Breath?

Poor Dental Habits – When you don’t brush and floss on a daily basis the food particles that didn’t make it down the tube are caught in-between your gums and teeth. But that not all. The build up of these particles promotes the growth of bacteria in the mouth in turn causing bad breath

Smoking-tobacco-300x247 Right underneath your nose and you don't even know itThe Use of Tobacco – Chewing and smoking tobacco will not only increase the frequency of bad breath but also stain your teeth, reduce your ability to taste food, and irritate your gums.

Infections and Illnesses – Infections can be caused by cavities in the teeth or gum diseases. Illnesses such as Diabetes, kidney disease, sinus disease, and liver disease are one of the leading illnesses that cause bad breath and require emergency dental service.

Dry Mouth – Saliva is essential to moisten the mouth, inhibit acids produced by plaque, and wash dead cells that grow on the cheeks, tongue, and gums. If not removed they will decompose and give you bad breath

What can you do to prevent bad breath?

Bad breath can be reduced or prevented if:

Start or continue (if you’ve already started) a daily routine of brushing your teeth twice a day –and don’t forget your tongue while your at it too because its been proven brushing the tongue drastically reduces bad breath. Floss at least once a day to get those hard to reach food particles. Try replacing your tooth brushes every 3 months or so. Remove dentures from mouth at night and clean thoroughly before inserting them back in.

See your dentist on a basis of twice a year. He or she will perform an oral exam and teeth cleaning that will detect and treat dry mouth or other problems.

Drinking water for bad breath can also be added to the long list of useful functions of water. This helps produce more saliva to wash away decomposing particles and bacteria. Gums and candy (sugarless ones recommended) are also helpful in stimulating more saliva.

What-can-you-do-to-prevent-bad-breath-e1443099066621 Right underneath your nose and you don't even know it

Listen to Your Dentist

It is important you keep in contact with your dentist on all dental questions or emergency same day dental service. Listen to his/her instructions because they’re the ones the degree and equipment.