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Project Description

Tooth decay among children, from infants to teenagers, has been identified as the most common chronic childhood disease based on official health records. Dental problems have been shown to greatly affect a child’s performance in school and the overall quality of life, particularly the child’s health and leisure activities. While many may not realize it, dental issues may start even as early as infancy, long before a baby’s teeth start to erupt. You will need to find a pediatric dentist Guelph residents can rely on.

Child’s Dental Care Should Start Early

Parents are encouraged to start the dental care of their children as soon as the first tooth appears or even earlier. It has been shown that a child may be exposed to dental risks long before the first tooth appears, in many cases resulting from the lack of dental care of the mother. This becomes worse when the mother neglects the oral hygiene of the infant by lack of care, such as failure to clean the gums after eating and allowing the child to consume harmful food or drinks. Parents should see to it that dental care and hygiene become a regular part of the child’s daily routine. Parents have to find a good pediatric dentist in Guelph and nearby areas.

Dental Care and Services for the Children

A regular visit with a dentist will allow a parent to be on top of the child’s oral care and hygiene. Your pediatric dentist in Guelph may help by discussing with you all information about teething, normal tooth development, proper dental hygiene habits, and prevention of injuries and dental diseases.

Should dental procedures be required by your child, we are very pleased to provide our services. Our pediatric dentist in Guelph dental clinic will handle requirements such as tooth fillings and tooth extractions. We will attend to any possible dental-related diseases such as gum disease or periodontitis.

And if you want your child to have braces, crowns, or any special oral requirements, we will gladly provide these services.