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Tooth decay among children — from infants to teenagers — has been identified as the most common, chronic childhood disease. Dental problems can greatly affect a child’s performance in school and their overall quality of life, including the child’s health and ability to enjoy various extracurricular activities. Dental health issues may start as early as infancy, long before a baby’s teeth start to erupt. Choose a kids’ dentist in Guelph who has experience working with children of all ages, and is a mom herself.

Children’s Dental Care Should Start Early

Parents are encouraged to start caring for the teeth and gums of their children shortly after birth. Oral health issues may arise from the pooling of milk in a baby’s mouth, or be genetically inherited. Babies’ gums can be gently cleaned with a soft, wet cloth. Later, young children are to be encouraged to brush and floss, and rinse with water after consuming food and drink. Parents can make dental care and hygiene a regular part of their child’s daily routine, encourage healthy eating habits — and take children to a dentist in Guelph for checkups well before the child begins school.

Dental Care and Services for Children

Regular visits with the dentist will help a parent understand their child’s oral health, and enable them to promote dental care and hygiene. Your kids’ dentist in Guelph may help by sharing information about teething, normal tooth development, proper cleaning habits, and how to prevent injuries, cavities, or dental diseases.

If your child gets a cavity, loses a “permanent” tooth, requires braces, or needs any other dental care, we are pleased to offer our services. Dr. Urszula Barrios is a Guelph dentist experienced with treating children. From tooth fillings to extractions, cleanings to crowns, we will make every effort to keep your child comfortable and calm during their visit.

And, in the unfortunate event your child develops a dental-related disease such as gum disease or periodontitis, we have the technology and expertise to treat the problem and work toward maintaining a healthier mouth (and body) for life. Please contact us today to learn more about children’s dental care in Guelph.