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Several factors can contribute to the shrinking or creasing of lips. Some of us are born with naturally thin lips, and others’ lips have lost their natural plumpness because of age. Lip augmentation or lip fillers can be an option to achieve fuller and wrinkle-free lips.

These days, the most common dermal filler injected into the lips and mouth contains hyaluronic acid (HA). HA is a naturally occurring substance found in our bodies. It is said to be safer than previous methods and has less risk of side effects. HA can also improve the appearance of lips by providing volume as well as shape.

Dr. Barrios’ Guelph clinic offers treatment with two lip fillers. Both these treatments contain hyaluronic acid (for plumpness and structure) and lidocaine (an anaesthetic agent that numbs tissue to minimize pain and enhance comfort).

Belotero® Soft

Belotero® Soft (also considered the “smooth solution” in the Belotero® line) was developed to specifically target superficial lines in the skin. It is an excellent treatment for smoothing and correcting fine lines and wrinkles (like crow’s feet and perioral lines). Its water-binding capacity also promotes skin hydration, making it an effective skin booster.

The lidocaine included in its formula makes for a comfortable procedure.

Belotero® Balance

belotero-balance Lip Fillers

Belotero® Balance, (known as Belotero® Basic) was formulated to target and smoothen medium to deep lines and creases (including perioral lines) on the face. It provides a “seamless integration” for a natural and smooth finishing. It can also be used to enhance the vermilion border as well as the contours of your lips, making them appear fuller.

As this procedure also uses lidocaine, you will not experience discomfort.

Fuller and smoother lips are not just a cosmetic change; they can boost confidence. If you’re looking for clinics that offer lip fillers in Guelph; give Dr. Barrios’ clinic a call today at (519) 767-6453.