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Project Description

It can happen at the most unexpected time. A tooth may get knocked off during a weekend game of soccer. You may experience the most excruciating tooth pain in your life. A dental infection may have  gotten so bad that it has resulted to serious inflammation. These instances can be very critical and delays may have very severe consequences.

These conditions are very serious that they may be considered as emergencies that need to be addressed immediately. No one should be made to go through with these pain and suffering. In cases like these, our dental staff will render the needed emergency dental service Guelph residents will be happy about. Whether you are an existing or new client, we will provide you the necessary same day emergency dental care.

A Dentist for Your Emergency

Emergencies related to dental health may happen in various forms. Your dentist will make sure that all your concerns and problems are attended to. Should a more specialized care be required, we may make the appropriate recommendations. But you are assured of the emergency dental service in Guelph and nearby areas.

Preventing Dental Accidents and Injuries

Damage or injury to the teeth can occur any time, especially during physical activities. These can be avoided by taking precautionary measures. We encourage you to use mouth guards when engaging in such activities even if these are considered as recreational only. Avoiding foods that may trigger dental pains or cause damage to the tooth is another recommendation.

In the event that you get your tooth knocked off, be reminded that you can still save this tooth. Be sure to keep the tooth and seek care with your Guelph emergency dental service provider. It is important to see your dentist immediately and not waste any time.