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Sedation dentistry gives you an opportunity reason to relax and dream…

Hours in the dentist’s chair will seem like minutes. If you have anxiety or concern about seeing the dentist, this approach can help you relax and get the treatment you need. Don’t ignore your health because of fear. Sedation medications have an amnesic effect, which means you’ll have very little memory (if any) of the sights, smells, or sounds of your visit. If you think that sedation may help calm and allow you to get important work done for your teeth and gums, call your “laughing gas dentist in Guelph:” Dr. Urszula Barrios.

Recovery is a dream

When your treatment is complete, you may feel a bit wobbly. As a result, you will leave our Guelph clinic with a family member or companion who can take you home and stay with you until you’ve recovered. You’ll be amazed how much can be accomplished in the dentist’s chair during such a seemingly short period, all while you were totally relaxed and comfortable. And best of all, the very next day you will feel fantastic. With sedation from a laughing gas dentist in Guelph you can regain your oral health and have the fabulous smile you always wanted!

Restore your smile while on a budget

Dental-Implants-vs-Dentures Sedation Dentistry

Whether it’s a broken tooth that needs fixing, yellow teeth that need whitening, missing teeth that need replacing, or pain that needs eliminating, with Guelph sedation dentistry you can regain your health and restore your smile. Here at Dr. Urszula Barrios’ clinic, we’ll work to maximize your insurance benefits and make convenient financial arrangements to ensure you can relax and enjoy your sedation dentistry in Guelph. You don’t have to be afraid to go to the dentist anymore!


  • STEP 1: MAKING YOUR FIRST APPOINTMENT – This is difficult for many anxious people, so we take every effort to make this part of the process as easy as possible.
  • STEP 2: WELCOMING VISIT – We gather information regarding your health and discuss with you your wants and desires. If you’re comfortable, we’ll take X-rays and look in your mouth. You will never feel judged or embarrassed; our clinic is a professional and calming environment.
  • STEP 3: PREPARING FOR YOUR SEDATION VISIT – We’ll give you a prescription for a sedative to take the night before your first appointment to guarantee a good night’s sleep and to make sure you wake up relaxed.
  • STEP 4: ARRIVING FOR TREATMENT – As you enter with your companion to see our laughing gas dentist in Guelph, additional medication will be provided to create the ultimate feeling of relaxation. Your experienced sedation team will monitor you throughout your entire visit.
  • STEP 5: GOING HOME WITH YOUR NEW SMILE – Your companion will take you home and stay with you until your sedation medication has worn off.
  • STEP 6: THE NEXT DAY – Most patients feel no discomfort or residual effects from the dental visit. When you return to work or your regular activities, you’ll be thrilled with all the compliments you get.

Although most fears about dental procedures are imaginary or pure fiction, those concerns are not to be ignored. Rather than neglecting your dental and overall health, ask about sedation dentistry. Professional, caring doctors want to make your visit to the dentist as pleasant as possible. A wide array of sedation options is available for dentists to meet all the needs of our patients. Dr. Barrios or Dr. Hassain will listen to your concerns, fears, and existing conditions, and provide reassuring facts about your treatment. Together, we’ll come up with the appropriate form of sedation for your procedure(s).

Options Available for Sedation, Guelph Clinic

Understanding-Dental-Sedation Sedation Dentistry


Depending on your needs and the assessment of your dentist, you may be given:

  • An oral medication
  • Sedation through the use of nitrous oxide
  • Intravenous (IV) sedation

In using oral medication, a mild sedative in the form of a pill is given to the patient that will provide a feeling of relaxation, reducing or eliminating the experience of any stress or pain. While this form of sedation may be the mildest, it has been found very effective for most minor procedures and is shown to be well-tolerated by many people. If it is determined that a more potent sedation method is required, one option would be the use of nitrous oxide, commonly called “laughing gas.” This is a very effective form of sedative, making dental procedures extremely smooth without a patient experiencing apprehension. Your dentist will fully explain this option, including its advantages and any potential reactions to this substance. For the more severe dental cases or for patients who have a strong fear of dental procedures, another good option would be intravenous sedation. Once a patient is under this kind of sedation, they’re likely to experience the whole procedure without any anxiety or awareness. Should you desire, you can be kept conscious throughout, because the degree of sedation is controlled by your dentist.

Join the millions of people who benefit from sedation dentistry’s relaxed, easy state in which your oral care can be accomplished in just a few visits, in the most comfortable way possible.