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Project Description

Sleep apnea has become a very common medical condition, with millions of Canadians diagnosed with this disorder. Medical experts say that this condition is expected to increase further in the coming years. This sleep problem is very serious, with numerous studies linking sleep apnea to diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis, pneumonia, heart-related problems, and even depression.

A person suffering from sleep apnea may not be able to have adequate sleep resulting to daytime sleepiness, fatigue, irritability which may bring about negative effects on numerous areas. This may have a huge impact on a patient’s work and interaction with the family and other people. Accidents have been known to happen due to these symptoms of sleep apnea.

Management of Sleep Apnea

If left untreated, sleep apnea may result to serious consequences for the patient. Those suffering from sleep apnea are urged to see their healthcare providers immediately. There are a number of ways that this condition may be effectively managed. One such option that has shown positive results is through oral appliance therapy.

Oral Appliance Therapy

The specialty of oral appliance therapy is involved in the selection, fitting, and the use of oral devices or appliances that are specially designed to maintain an open and unobstructed airway in the throat while asleep. Studies have shown that these custom-made appliances are far more effective than other devices intended for this disorder. During a dental visit, your dentist will conduct an examination and determine the most appropriate oral appliance for your condition.

Advantages of Oral Appliance

Patients suffering from sleep apnea who have been with oral appliances would attest that they have experienced significant improvements in their conditions. They have found these devices as easy to wear and very comfortable, needing only a short period of time to get used to these appliances. And these oral appliances are small and very convenient that they can bring these devices with them whenever they travel.