Signs You’re Approaching Teeth Whitening the Wrong Way

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Signs You’re Approaching Teeth Whitening the Wrong Way

From a young age, we’ve been brought up and indoctrinated with the idea that pearly white teeth are good, and anything less is bad. While having a set of pearly whites is often a sign of good dental health, not to mention a highly coveted aspect of personal beauty, there are times when people get too obsessed in their quest to have white teeth.

Indeed, too much of a good thing can be bad, and that includes getting whiter teeth. You could very well be doing more harm than good to yourself. Here are some warning signs that your teeth whitening agenda is getting the best of you.

You Don’t Consult your Dentist

While a dentist’s appointment is probably not something to get excited about, it’s important that you regularly visit your dentist twice a year or once every 6 months. And if you’re looking to whiten and brighten your teeth, it’s imperative that you get yourself checked first for problems like tooth decay and oral sensitivity.

Bleaching, one of the most popular methods of dental whitening, can be harmful if the chemicals used in the procedure make their way into your nerves through the cracks and crevices of teeth with cavities.

Teeth-Whitening-the-Wrong-Way-198x300 Signs You’re Approaching Teeth Whitening the Wrong WayYou’re Dependent on Mouth Rinses

Think twice about plopping down cash for a box of tooth-whitening mouthwash. Depending only mouth rinses won’t get you the results you’re looking for, and you could be doing more harm than good. Because of the high alcohol content in most commercial mouthwashes, they can also be harmful on your mouth’s other areas.

You Go to the Extremes

Having white teeth is great, but there’s also such a thing as having teeth that’s too white. Healthy teeth nave a nice sheen to them, but this can be removed with extreme tooth-whitening procedures, resulting in teeth that look chalky and dull. A rule of thumb is to have teeth that’s about as white as the whites your eyes—anything whiter and your teeth begins to draw more attention than the rest of your face.