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Symptoms/Issues That Require Root Canals

A root canal is the procedure to remove an infected tooth causing a person severe pain and discomfort. Here are a few signs that you might need a root canal:

1. Immense pain and discomfort: Anytime you experience serious pain, contact your dentist. Areas where you’ve had a cavity or a crown need a careful watch.

2. Tooth discolouration: If an area is a darker yellow than surrounding teeth and looks unhealthy, you want to rule out a serious problem. If the colour doesn’t change with regular brushing, particularly if you experience pain, see a dentist right away.

3. Persistent pain: Many people experience some sensitivity to hot or cold substances, but if you have pain that lingers, it’s time to talk to a professional to rule out any serious issues.

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4. Swelling and tenderness: If you experiences these symptoms in your gums or around a specific tooth, if gums are a darker red colour and you feel soreness while eating or chewing, contact a caring dentist in Guelph to address these issues.

If you feel pain in your gums, it may simply be some lodged food. Everything could return to normal after the substance has been removed. It’s best not to self-diagnose; see a caring clinic to make sure there’s no need for a root canal to protect your mouth and the rest of your pearly whites.

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