Three Causes of Tooth Damage

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Three Causes of Tooth Damage

The teeth are considered one of the toughest and resilient parts of the human body yet they are not indestructible. It may not be uncommon to see people complaining of broken or fractured teeth. And when this occurs, it can be very frustrating and embarrassing especially if it involves the front teeth. Here are the main reasons for these occurrences and what you can to do avoid and address these concerns.

Biting on something that is hard

Biting or chewing foods that are hard can sometimes cause your teeth to be fractured or chipped. You may have experienced this while eating certain types of nuts or inadvertently biting on those solid candies. This may cause a fracture on the tooth or chip the edges of the tooth. Biting down in a wrong manner may also produce the same results. The highest risk for these types of damages may be present for those teeth that may have fillings or those that had undergone a root can procedure since they are not as strong as the original teeth.

As result of an accident or sports injury

One study conducted on athletes reported that over half of the participants experienced fractured teeth received during practice or actual competition. These injuries were common in sports such as martial arts, football, basketball, wrestling, boxing, and the others that involved physical contact. But this should not be reason for others to be complacent since tooth injuries have also happened to those into skating and other non-contact sports.

Non-athletes are not exempted from possible injuries since accidents may occur that will damage the teeth. Falls, which are quite common to older people, have been responsible for many instances of broken teeth. Hitting a hard object may not only break a tooth but may entirely remove a tooth or even more. Though not quite common, engaging in a fistfight is one way to cause damages to the teeth.

Due to bruxism and teeth clenching

Bruxism or the unconscious grinding or clenching of teeth, which is experienced by many people, is one other reason why teeth may have cracks particularly in the chewing surfaces and the pointed part of the molars. Many people may not even realize that the damage to their teeth may be caused by bruxism while sleeping. Even when awake, a person may unconsciously keep on clenching his or her teeth. It is widely believed that bruxism and the unconscious clenching of teeth may be due to stress or mental and emotions problems.

What Can Be Done?

To prevent these damages, there are some things a person may follow, this according to dental experts. Observing the right way to chew and avoiding hard foods are suggestions that may save your teeth. Wearing mouth guards during sports activities will definitely lower the risk of tooth injuries. Those suffering from bruxism may find it best to seek help for their emotional issues. Lastly, broken or fractured teeth should be repaired by your dentist as soon as possible in order to prevent further damages.

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