Tooth Replacement: Which Option Is Right For You?

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Tooth Replacement: Which Option Is Right For You?

A beautiful, healthy smile can be a plus for anyone. If you or a loved one has missing teeth and are considering tooth replacement options, here are four available tooth restoration processes:

1) Dental Implants

The-Exciting-Truth-About-Dental-Implants Tooth Replacement: Which Option Is Right For You?

Dental implants are ideal for patients who seek a more permanent solution for missing teeth. You never have to worry about implants falling out. They are held down securely, allowing the freedom to smile and eat confidently. Furthermore, dental implants prevent teeth from shifting and defend against bone loss.

● Who can have dental implants? If you are healthy enough to have minor dental surgeries (such as tooth extraction), then you are a good candidate for dental implant procedure.

● How are dental implants installed? The oral surgeon inserts a screw into the gums that acts as a base for the dental implant. The implant is held securely. Dental implants are currently the only tooth replacement option that provides “root replacement,” which helps prevent bone loss. After the mouth has healed, a new tooth is fastened to the screw. Your dentist creates a custom prosthetic tooth for you ahead of time that fits and matches the rest of your teeth and restores your smile.

2) Full-Arch Replacement

Dentist-shows-a-patients-teeth-and-Healthy-gums Tooth Replacement: Which Option Is Right For You?

Full-arch replacement is ideal for patients who are missing several or most of their upper or lower teeth. Like dental implants, this process is permanent. The teeth are dental implants secured by screws. Full-arch replacements are a great option for someone who doesn’t want removable dentures.

In order to undergo this procedure, you need to be in good health. To find out if you are eligible for this procedure, is ask your Guelph dentist. We can do a thorough examination help you determine if this is the right approach for you.

3) Bridges

crown-and-bridge-dental Tooth Replacement: Which Option Is Right For You?

Bridging is a popular option because it tends to be less expensive. The dentist creates a “bridge” that serves in place of one or more missing teeth in a row. In order to fit the bridge, the dentist grinds down some teeth near the area of missing teeth. Then an adhesive can be applied to bond the teeth to the bridge. It’s worth noting that some bridges may be removed, while others are fastened permanently.

4) Partial or Full Dentures

dentures-guelph-dentist Tooth Replacement: Which Option Is Right For You?

Dentures have been with us for decades. For those who cannot have surgery, they remain the only option to replace missing teeth. They are also a good idea for patients who would like to have the option to remove their teeth at their convenience.

In order to get the best fit for your mouth, your dentist and oral surgeon will work together to devise an individualized plan for you. This may involve having “pre-prosthetic” surgery performed. This surgery is necessary for those with complex teeth challenges, and whose dentures might not otherwise fit properly. The surgery prepares the mouth so the full dentures or partials fit.

Patients with dentures can carry on with normal day-to-day activities. Eating should not be a challenge. It may take a while to get used to dentures but most regular activities can be resumed within a few days.

Let Us Find the Right Tooth Replacement Option for You

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If you would like to meet and discuss tooth replacement options, Dr. Urszula Barrios is always ready to sit down with you. Feel free to call us at (519) 767-6453 for more information or to schedule an appointment.