Zoom Teeth Whitening Services for a Brighter Smile

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Zoom Teeth Whitening Services for a Brighter Smile

Ring in the New Year With a Brighter Smile

If you’re considering making some cosmetic changes in the New Year, A brighter smile is an easy resolution to fulfill. Teeth whitening is a commonly-performed dental service, with minimum disruption to your schedule or daily life. Zoom is a new, patented approach from Philips that many dentists now offer in their offices, and you can have it done after a regular teeth cleaning. Here are some things to expect if you opt for the Zoom approach:

teeth-whitening-e1467122525807 Zoom Teeth Whitening Services for a Brighter Smile

1. Fast, Effective Results Home whitening systems usually take weeks to work, if they work at all. The Zoom procedure takes 45 minutes to an hour. You will see the difference before walking out of the dental office, with your teeth potentially eight shades whiter after one visit.

2. You Might Experience Some Sensitivity or Pain Some patients have experienced some tooth sensitivity or pain after the procedure. This could last a day or two and is nothing to be concerned about. Avoiding certain foods and beverages will help combat pain or sensitivity. Your dentist will advise which foods/drinks to avoid for the first couple of days after the procedure.

Dental-Implants-vs-Dentures Zoom Teeth Whitening Services for a Brighter Smile

3. Lifetime Services For a minimal fee, some dentists provide a lifetime of teeth whitening services. Once or twice per year, when you come in for a regular check-up and cleaning, you will also utilize the whitening services.

4. Your Teeth Will Look, Feel, and Be Healthier Because Zoom teeth whitening removes stains that cause decay (such as coffee, blueberries, tobacco), your teeth will look, feel, and be much healthier overall.

If you are considering brightening your smile in the New Year, Dr. Urszula Barrios can answer all your questions. Contact us at (519) 767-6453.